What is Your AI?

Personal AI is going to be everywhere. It's a composition of attention, tools, and context. But what makes it Yours?

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What is Your AI?

Is it a device? Your computer? Your operating system? What about your browser? Or an app?

Is it aligned to you? Is it not? It wants to sell you something! How do you know?

Is it every app? Every where? Any thing?

Is it just one? Or many? A different one every day? Every second? Every other? Says who?

Is it capable? The best?

Is it woke? Is it cracked?

Is it affordable? Or attainable? To whom? And why?

What does it know about you? And how? Does it know everything? Or very little? Will it forget? How do you know?

Is its context yours? Can you take it with you? How? Does it want that? Will it allow you to?

Can it do things for you? Without your knowledge? Just in one place? Or everywhere?

Will others allow that? What’s in it for them? What can they do with what’s shared? Can Your AI control it?

Can you?

What others say

Some say Your AI is singular. It’s aligned to you because you pay it. It stays aligned because tech executives and alignment researchers say so.

Others say Your AI is your operating system. You can run the AI locally. Your computer needs to be turned on. If not it runs in the cloud? Or is the AI always in the cloud?  You can trust your computer.  What about the internet?

But really Your AI is your browser. The internet is broken. The browser can use all internet apps!  Your AI knows how you like the internet. It can filter it for you.

No! Your AI is Their App. They have the best AI model! Well, they did. Have you tried Claude Opus? They will again!

Your AI apparently takes many forms

and many more!

It’s not just one thing. It’s everything. Everything everywhere all at once!

What Crosshatch says Your AI is

Who cares.

It’s not up to us.

We’re tired of being preached to.

Your AI is up to You.

We believe that Your AI should be whatever and wherever you want it. Whether it’s an application, a service, a telephone number, a wire, a swing set, a boombox or an operating system. We’re not here to tell you what Your AI is.

That’s for you to decide.

It’s for you to decide how much, how little, how big, how small, how expressive, how sparse, how connected, how covert.

That’s the only thing we believe.

AI is whatever you say it is.

Your AI is incomplete

Your AI has three traits

  • it commands attention
  • it can use helpful tools
  • it knows who you are

Your AI, whatever you choose, commands your attention if you decide to give it.

It can probably use some tools to help you. It can help you find groceries, send a message, meet up with friends or plan your next great adventure.

It doesn’t really know you though.

It knows what you’ve done together! What you’ve seen, said or heard. What you’ve clicked on. What you’ve browsed. What you’ve purchased. Where you’ve been. What you’ve loved. Where you’re going.

But only if you’ve done those things … together.

Your AI is everywhere. It’s everything.

You do lots of things! Everywhere. All the time.

If you don’t do everything together, how will Your AI know who you are?

Do we want to do everything together?

Making the internet more you

Can an AI that doesn’t know who you are –– doesn’t have all your context –– be that helpful?

We don’t think so.

That’s not the future. That’s not how AI worked in the movies.

We’ve seen it first hand – first party data is not enough for the future of AI.

We don’t do everything with one corporation. Or a tab in our browser.

We’re expansive and everywhere. Sometimes alone. Sometimes with friends. Sometimes with a business. Each with their own vibe.

If you want Your AI –– worth your attention, capable and knowledgeable –– to be everywhere you are, new consumer infrastructure needs to rise.

Crosshatch is building this infrastructure.

We believe Your AI is wherever you want it. Deployed on whatever resources you want. Available in whatever interfaces you want.

So you tell us.

What is Your AI?

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