Create the personalized experiences your customers want. 

Crosshatch is an identity layer for personalization that lets people share their data securely with you to turn on hyper-personalized browsing.


Build trust and loyalty with easy, fun data- sharing. 

We give users complete control over their data, with the option to turn on (and off) data-sharing in a tap, and instantly transform their experience.


Paint a picture of users beyond clickstream and conversion data. 

With access to unique user behavior and preferences across hundreds of sites and apps—shopping, travel, banking, and more—we fill in your gaps. 


Wow users with interesting, can’t-get-enough experiences.

Our rich AI tools turn your experiences technicolor. Think custom search results, personalized recommendations, and chatbots that anticipate your customers’ needs. 

Leverage user data without worrying about security.

We handle security by taking care of user data storage via enterprise-grade protocols, including encryption and monitoring, saving you cost and responsibility.

Connect effortlessly

We let you securely connect your app to your user’s account data in seconds.

For users' eyes only

Apps only see data relevant to users' app requests.

Data belongs to users

Apps can’t access users’ connected data outside Crosshatch.

want a more personalized internet
will share data to get it
would do it if the process were safe
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Add context to any LM call

After a user logs in with Crosshatch, you can inject their context into any supported language model resource, getting personalized AI responses.

What you get:

  • Conversion-optimized Link
  • Growing library of data connections
  • Managed privacy and security
use cases

Oh, what personalization can do.

Make your customers feel seen with surprisingly
tailored experiences.


Get one-of-a-kind trip plans based on your preferences.


Vivian is looking for an outdoor solo trip within the US.

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Secure Access
Saved travel posts
Past travel destinations
Restaurant reservations
Trails hiked
crosshatch symbol
Secure Retrieval
Accommodations for you
Wurstburo, NY
October 1-3
Restaurants nearby
Pine Tree Bistro
Things to do
Ashokan Trail
4 miles
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Real Estate

Find the perfect home with personalized recommendations


Jeff is looking to buy a home with a large upscale kitchen.

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Secure Access
Monthly rent spend
Pinned home decor
Saved cooking tutorials
Restaurant reservations
crosshatch symbol
Secure Retrieval
Homes with spacious kitchens
48 Auburn Dr
2 bd, 1 ba
Homes to rent
15 Kenyatta Dr
4 bd, 2 ba
Restaurants nearby
Il Fornaio
Powered by

Enjoy crazy-customized shopping experiences


Kristy is looking for a new skincare routine.

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Secure Access
Liked beauty posts
Product subscriptions
Annual shopping spend
Recent health activity
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Secure Retrieval
For the morning
The Ordinary
For the evening
Clean products
Summer Fridays
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Start building with Crosshatch.

Data Subscription

$0.25 / month

per active user
Plus market price of AI models

  • Unlimited connected data sources
  • Growing library of retrieval services
  • Managed user privacy and control
Free to create a developer account
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