Today, “personalization” as we know it boxes us in.

If you’ve ever been asked to subscribe to a toilet seat, or exclusively served Irish jig music on your Discover Weekly, you know what we mean. But apps don’t have the personal context needed to fill in that true picture of who we are, and consumers deserve to know how their data is being used (shared? leaked? sold?) before—and if—we share.

Crosshatch is making personalization actually feel personalized.

We created a secure, radically transparent way for consumers to share (and un-share) their context with their favorite apps, enabling brands to build experiences that really answer their needs. Our personal data wallet represents an enlightenment of data sharing, removing the mystery and ick, replacing it with a new kind of empowerment and possibility.

Prepare to be... delightfully surprised

As a consumer
By insanely on-point travel recs, helpful health insights, and tailored shopping, real estate, and dining support.
As a marketer
By stronger customer relationships and loyalty, and increased engagement.
As a Developer
By the breadth of data integrations at unparalleled efficiencies, and secured AI resources you already use.
Safety & Compliance

We believe we should be able to shape the internet with our data in a way that we control.

Here’s what happens when you turn on sharing:
  • 01

    To link an internet account with Crosshatch, authenticate with the selected account. We always provide clear information on what data you’re connecting and why an app is requesting it.

  • 02

    Once authenticated, we securely sync your account data to your Crosshatch personal data wallet.

  • 03

    We assemble data you’ve chosen for a given app, and when requested, your Crosshatch personal data wallet interprets it and securely shares its output with the app you’re using in a connection you control.

Here’s how we help keep data safe:

Data Encryption

Your data is encrypted at rest and in transit.

Independent Security Testing

Crosshatch is in the process of SOC2 Type 2 certification.

Robust Monitoring

Crosshatch logs how your apps use your connected data.

It’s your universe.

We know that when you use Crosshatch you’re entrusting us with your private information. Our mission is to make it clear when an app or service is using Crosshatch and what data is being connected. You decide what to share and un-share.

Meet the team.

  • Soren Larson

    CEO & Co-founder

    A Harvard-trained computational scientist with over a decade in applied ML, Soren has shaped data innovations in ad tech, finance and e-commerce.

  • Jesse Halpern

    CTO & Co-founder

    A U Michigan engineer + data scientist, Jesse previously built enterprise software at Thompson Reuters and OpenStore.

  • Ben Seidl

    General Manager

    A seasoned entrepreneur and Fulbright Scholar, Ben founded Neyborly, an omnichannel marketplace for emerging retail entrepreneurs.

  • Neil Deramchi

    Head of Design

    A UCLA-trained biochemist, Neil seamlessly bridges design and tech, having co-founded a full service brand agency and shaped strategy in early-stage life sciences ventures at Tachyon.

  • Schuyler Sousa

    Software Engineer

    A polymath, Schuyler previously built data infrastructure at OpenStore and has interests in design and systems.

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