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Crosshatch enables developers to build hyper-personalized applications with data users share.

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Apps that feel like they were made for you

Crosshatch makes it easy for brands to fuel hyper-personalized interactions – think insanely on-point travel itineraries, or tailored shopping and dining recs. When you safely let brands know who you are, they become better at answering your needs.

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High-performance security

Crosshatch safeguards all private personal information, ensuring apps only access what you choose, and never share it. You can un-share access any time.

use cases

See Crosshatch in action.


Get one-of-a-kind trip plans based on your preferences.


Vivian is looking for an outdoor solo trip within the US.

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Secure Access
Saved travel posts
Past travel destinations
Restaurant reservations
Trails hiked
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Secure Retrieval
Accommodations for you
Wurstburo, NY
October 1-3
Restaurants nearby
Pine Tree Bistro
Things to do
Ashokan Trail
4 miles
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Real Estate

Find the perfect home with personalized recommendations


Jeff is looking to buy a home with a large upscale kitchen.

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Secure Access
Monthly rent spend
Pinned home decor
Saved cooking tutorials
Restaurant reservations
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Secure Retrieval
Homes with spacious kitchens
48 Auburn Dr
2 bd, 1 ba
Homes to rent
15 Kenyatta Dr
4 bd, 2 ba
Restaurants nearby
Il Fornaio
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Enjoy crazy-customized shopping experiences


Kristy is looking for a new skincare routine.

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Secure Access
Liked beauty posts
Product subscriptions
Annual shopping spend
Recent health activity
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Secure Retrieval
For the morning
The Ordinary
For the evening
Clean products
Summer Fridays
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