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Meet Jeff.

Jeff is a busy field solutions engineer for a software company. He travels around the country six months out of the year meeting customers and designing solutions to help improve supply chain visibility. He loves his job, but often jokes with his wife and friends that his job is “glorified PowerPoint” for executives.

Jeff’s Spotify Wrapped is actually pretty boring. After Thanksgiving each year, Jeff logs into Spotify and gets his yearly insights. He over-indexed for Taylor Swift this year, and he was in the Top 1% of people who listened to the 1980’s hair metal band Twisted Sister. Why was Jeff in the Top 1% of people who listened to the 1980’s hair metal band Twisted Sister? That’s easy: Jeff loves playing “We’re Not Gonna Take It” when pitching his customers on the state of legacy supply chain visibility solutions. He always gets a laugh from his customers.

But does that define Jeff?

Really, Jeff wants to find the best Neapolitan pizza in any city he visits, whether he’s in Kansas City, Boston, Phoenix, or Portland. Jeff has lots of opinions on whether a coal fired or wood fired oven makes the best Neapolitan pizza. He secretly runs a food blog reviewing Neapolitan pizza around the country. Some of the best Neapolitan pizza is not, in fact, merely in the Northeast and only in the New York area. There are great Neapolitan pizza restaurants in many cities across the country, and it’s Jeff’s mission to bring this knowledge to the masses.

Jeff also likes taking ceramics classes with his wife. Jeff knows he needs to get more into fitness and he loves learning new workout tips and exercises, but he dislikes how whenever he browses the internet looking up new workouts he starts getting bombarded with supplement ads. Pine bark extract gummies? Gingko biloba creams for post-workout recovery? Jeff does not like getting fed these ads.

Jeff is more than being a Top 1% Twisted Sister fan. In fact, he actually does not even like Twisted Sister all that much. He also wants to know what is up with pickleball these days. Every time he searches the internet and reads up on pickleball he just gets more pickleball ads. Jeff was captain of his high school tennis team, he loves tennis, and he’s played tennis with all kinds of people for recreation or competition. Every time he tries to look into pickleball, he just gets more pickleball information and less tennis information.

The internet is simply broken.

Why is the Internet broken?

Today, businesses have to make best guesses about who you are, what you like, and what you care about. When you swipe a card, fill out a survey, or forget to pay your monthly credit card bill on time, you are uploaded, graphed, and scored by businesses making the best possible guess about who you are. Your data is shared across networks of data brokers, aggregated, disaggregated, with PII not intact but sometimes intact. This data is resold back and forth. If you are scored as a woman in your late 20s and you put pickles and ice cream in your online grocery shopping cart, you may get scored as a person who is likely pregnant and thus you will begin receiving ads for neonatal vitamins.

Businesses hire large teams of data scientists and analytics engineers to retarget you based on the information they know about you, or think they know about you.

But what if it’s all wrong?

What if you are Jeff and you really want all the best Neapolitan pizza restaurant recommendations in each city? What if you don’t want to be targeted for pickleball gear after you searched for pickleball just because you wanted to see what all the hype is about?

This is where Crosshatch shines.

What is Crosshatch?

Crosshatch is the digital wallet that allows customers and brands to safely share information with one another. With Crosshatch, you are you, and you can choose what to safely share with brands you trust, and you can choose to not share information with brands you do not want learning more about you.

On the consumer side, if you wish to share specific information with your favorite brands about what you are actually interested in and what you actually care about, you can share this with specific brands. If you are a marathon runner and you wish to get more information from your favorite running magazine about what products or services you may be interested in, we enable that.

On the brand side, what is more valuable than your top customers sharing information with you about what they like, what they do not like, and what is important to them? Instead of hiring your thirtieth data engineer, fortieth data scientist, and third ad agency, wouldn’t you like a direct feedback loop from your customers who want to give you more information? These are your best customers and your best retention and lifetime value contributors.

As consumers become increasingly data-driven and sophisticated in their use of their own personal data, it’s critical for both consumers and brands to better understand one another. 

Join Us

At Crosshatch, we are taking on early partners to help us build the future of personalization. We believe hyper-personalization is the way forward, and that tight feedback loops between consumers and brands make the best experiences.

We’d love to chat about hyper-personalization. Reach out; we’d love to show you what we’re building. Click here to signup for our upcoming demo launch.

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