What if your users were technicolor?

'People like you like.' What people like me? People who click the same and scroll the same. Explore a new kind of personalization.

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'People like you like.'

What people like me?

The people who clicked and scrolled the same way. Who bought a science kit that one time.

That's how you see me?

This is personalization today.

Disjointed anonymous IDs represented by button clicks and page loads in a CDP. Sometimes there's an email attached. Sometimes a few purchases.

This is not the real user. It doesn't represent who they are or what they need. If this were a normal business you’d probably know the person pretty well. Maybe you’d have chatted? Internet scale and sophisticated algorithms can make things feel impersonal. Data powers incredible conveniences, but 'user tracking' doesn't feel especially humanistic.

What if your users were technicolor?

That they could share relevant context about themselves and their needs that could help you serve them better? Suppose security were taken care of – your reference of information were consented and managed? In this world, your users are more than a few clicks – they’re in technicolor. For what you do, you know who they are. 

Opportunity Set

In a world where each user is a vibrant shade of technicolor, new doors of opportunity swing open. Let's talk about some of these potential transformations in industries like real-estate, fitness, and travel:

AI Real Estate

Imagine a real estate application, like Zillow, that has the insight to know where you eat, when you're free for a showing, and what kind of images you find aesthetic. This is not just about better lead qualification. It's about creating a seamless experience for potential homeowners or renters. This AI-powered real estate assistant could even anticipate your needs before you do, helping you discover properties that perfectly align with your lifestyle.

AI Fitness

A fitness app that is privy to your daily jogging routes, how frequently you dine out, and even your sleeping patterns can provide a customized workout routine that evolves with your lifestyle. By integrating data from various facets of your life, such an app could recommend the best time for a workout, optimal dietary suggestions, and even advice on when to rest, all personalized to you. Imagine an AI fitness assistant that guides your Eight Sleep smart bed, automatically adjusting your sleep schedule to accommodate for your upcoming travel or work schedule. 

AI Travel

An AI travel advisor, having access to your preferences and routines, could make travel planning a breeze. What if Expedia could recommend the best time to visit a destination based on your calendar, suggest restaurants you're likely to enjoy based on where you’ve dined in the past, or even plan activities based on your Instagram likes.‍

Privacy in Technicolor

This vision of technicolor users is not about breaching personal boundaries, but about the evolution of consent. The power is in the hands of the users who decide what information derived from their data they share, when, and with whom. In return, they get an app experience that’s not just personalized but practically tailor-made. Companies become custodians of the derived information, not owners of the underlying data, reducing the risk of PR and compliance issues tied to data protection risks.‍

The Takeaway

Users in technicolor present a fresh canvas on which businesses can paint a rich, multi-dimensional customer experience. This approach marries privacy with personalization, ensuring users' data is safeguarded while enabling businesses to deliver more meaningful experiences.‍


While the concept is promising, it's essential to address potential areas of concern, such as ensuring robust and transparent privacy policies. This is where Crosshatch comes in. Businesses need to make it crystal clear how they use and protect user data. Moreover, education around digital consent should be a priority so users understand their rights and how they can manage their data. This is why we built Crosshatch.

Companies who embrace this new AI-centric approach will build a deeper understanding of their customer base and provide unparalleled experiences. The challenges and opportunities lie in leveraging this wealth of information while maintaining the utmost respect for user privacy.

The world of technicolor users is not a distant dream. With the right tools and a focus on privacy, we can make it a vibrant reality.

If your company is looking for ways to safely harness the power of large language models while still preserving the confidentiality of user data, please reach out to us at and we'll be happy to show you what Crosshatch can do.

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